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My take on things- Opinions if you please entry...

Bloo: Mac, denile isn't just another state in the union.
Mac: It's a river in Egypt.
Bloo: Only a nerd would know that.

I tried to talk to Kendra about these things and she was like well I feel that if you don't have the womanly instincts is because god is testing you. Ha, what? I hate it when people bring religion into some things. She was also talking about how women like that were fucked up in the head and were probably raped or had an abusive father or something. Good lord! I was stunned. She is getting too much of a Jesus freak to hang around with.

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bunny, mark ryden


I don't see how I'm not losing weight! I work 7 to 8 hours plus 5 days a week and I'm not eating a gross amount. Maybe I'm eating more than I think I am. And at any rate I know I'm eating unhealthily. We have nothing healthy to eat at my house! Think I'm going to ask mom for some money to go to subway for food and get me some fruits or something! We have no fruit here. I either need to get my own foods or starve :\ And I don't mean literally starve. Just I shouldn't be eating what I've been eating.

Also my arms are jiggly! Instead of sitting on my ass vegetating in front of the computer I should sit on my ass vegetating in front of the computer and lift weights occassionally... On my day off I'm going to do some heavy duty cleaning and just generally organizing.

What I'm happy about is that I'm not really distressed about the situation. Just like hmmmm I'm eating bad and my arms are jiggly.

Katy Blohm called me last night, I wasn't here.